Sunday 26th March 2017

Ecolinc Sustainability Expo Workshop/Demonstration Information

How do I apply to run a Workshop or Demonstration?

The success of the Ecolinc Sustainability Expo is due in large part to the broad range of information, demonstrations and workshops that participants are able to do on the day. Ecolinc would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation and for making the Expo so successful.

Please read the information below prior to completing the Workshop/Demonstration Registration Form online. There is no charge for any organization wishing to run a workshop or demonstration on the day (provided that you are not selling a product/wares). The Expo Board will be in touch with you shortly.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All stalls, demonstrations, workshops etc must relate to the concept of sustainability.


The Expo is located in the Bacchus Marsh College grounds outside Ecolinc and the Leisure Centre, 17-23 Labilliere St, Bacchus Marsh. Workshop/Demonstrators will be able to drop off their goods and parking is available in Labilliere St and other surrounding streets. No cars will be allowed to remain on site during the Expo.

Event Times

Workshops and demonstrations will be scheduled every 30min from 10 am - 3 pm.

Set Up Time

Set up is from 8.00am, all cars must be removed from the Expo site by 9.30am. Vehicles will not be permitted onto the Expo site until after 3pm.

Finding my site

Our Expo attendants will be available from 8.00am for help in finding the exact location of your demonstration/workshop. Attendants will be wearing hi-viz vests. Please check with the attendant at the front gate before you drive in that there is space available to unload.

What equipment should I bring?

Chairs, display equipment, table covers and equipment if required.

Access to Power

There is very limited access to power outside, however internal spaces have provision to power. Please check with the Ecolinc Expo Site Manager prior to submitting your application if you require power. All owner supplied electrical leads and equipment must be tagged & tested.

Rubbish & Waste

All rubbish, waste and packaging must be taken away. Bins provided do NOT cater for workshop/demonstrator rubbish. The stall site must be left in the condition it was found.

Bad Weather Policy

The Expo is conducted in the open air, it is not a covered market and will operate in varying weather conditions including wet weather. The Expo will NOT be cancelled in the event of wet weather.


Exhibitors are responsible for providing a safe workplace for yourself, your employees and for other persons including customers/patrons and must comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 1985 and associated regulations.

First Aid

Throughout the event, First Aid staff will be in attendance. The First Aid station will be located at the Ecolinc office. In case of emergency, the Ecolinc office can be contacted on 53 67 0171.